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Charging - The Central Proteomics Facility levies a per sample/experiment charge based on the university's Full Economic Costing (FEC).

Please contact us for advice on grant proposals. We are happy to help by adding technical content, information etc. We can train users to perform in-gel digests etc and use the MALDI TOF TOF. We can customise the training programme to suit. Please contact us to discuss this.

Departments, other than the Pathology School, will be charged approximately 10% more to cover admin and billing costs. We also carry out work for other universities and external research organisations. Please contact us to see if we can help. We offer all proteomic services to all users

Please contact us about proteomic method development projects. We're happy to help set up methods and can supervise the use of the MALDI TOF etc by project students, postdocs etc

If you are a commercial organisation and are interested in the services or expertise of the Central Proteomics Facility, we would encourage you to contact Dr Josef Walker of Oxford University Consulting to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Email: josef.walker@isis.ox.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 1865 280901

PRICES ARE EXCLUSIVE OF VAT. VAT Exempt Medical research organisations will need to provide proof of exemption. Prices are subject to revision without notification.

Charges (academic rates)


Pathology School

Other Departments and External


Proteomic Sample Preparation      
In-gel Tryptic Digest 60 66 for up to 20 digests at one time and C18 micropurification (ie 20 in-gel digests will cost only 60)
96 well plate In-gel Tryptic Digest 100 110 includes C18 micropurification
LCMSMS Orbitrap ITRAQ contact us contact us  
Electrospray Orbitrap      
standard LC MSMS 70 77  
long 2 hour LC MSMS method 135 148.50 suitable for characterising protein mixtures containing several hundred proteins (longer LCMSMS methods give more protein IDs than shorter methods);
GeLCMS (10 x 7mm gel pieces) 700 770
Proteomic Quantitation Techniques(SILAC/Label Free (MaxQuant/SINQ/Progenesis)/iTRAQ/AQUA etc contact us, there are NO additional charges for quantitation contact us, there are NO additional charges for quantitation  
DIGE contact us - facility can provide access to equipment contact us - facility can provide access to equipment  
Proteomic Method development/additional proteomic data analyis please contact us please contact us  

Please contact us to see if we can help.

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