The proteomics facility has now reopened. Please contact the new facility manager Marjorie Fournier for any enquiries regarding usage of the facility and discussion of proteomics projects

The Advanced Proteomics Facility provides access to the latest proteomics tools, specifically cutting edge mass spectrometry. It is available to researchers in the South Parks Road science area and to external commercial users.

We have experience in protein identification, quantitative mass spectrometry (SILAC, label-free, dimethyl labelling, TMT) and characterisation methods for a range of post-translational modifications.

The facility is equipped with a wide range of mass spectrometry instrumentation, sample preparation technologies and data analysis software.

Mass Spectrometers and Sample Preparation Equipment

Bioinformatics Software

Through our service provision and collaboration with researchers, we aim to continually develop and improve the advanced tools available for proteomics.


New Biochemistry building, lab 00-073 and office space 00-068.

Contact and Sample Submission

Please see: - please note that this link will require an Oxford SSO login.

External Work

We have a strong track record of working with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. If you are a commercial organisation and are interested in the services or expertise of the Advanced Proteomics Facility, we would encourage you to contact Ms Emma Packard ( of Oxford University Innovation to discuss how we may be able to help you.